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There Are Have and Have Nots

Life isn’t fair and never has been. You can view this weeks trading as metaphorical for what to expect in life. There are times when the underclass thrives under the auspices of bubbles, frantic rushes into assets that cause them to inflate, creating unprofessional swindlers to pretend to be experts in all manner of things — elucidating the opportunities abound. We saw them after COVID shine in their magnificent greasy glory — instructing the masses and the masses took onto them like barnacles to a lobster. It wasn’t long before said lobster got trapped in a cage and retrieved to be eaten. The barnies were shucked off the lobster and discarded like the trash they were back into the sea.

For the week the NASDAQ is +2% and the Russell 2000 is down 4%. Any idea what it means?

I will be your guru and request nothing other than your attention.

It means the underclass cadre of investor is bedraggled and destitute. He keeps trying to capture lightening in a bottle to enrich himself in order to buy things because buying things makes him feeeeeeeeeeel better about himself.

A great man once said “you’re not your fucking khakis” and I rather agree with that sentiment, in spite of the fact that I own 20 pairs of khakis.

The only way to trade seriously is to take serious bets with serious risk analysis set by serious goals. The idea that $AMC will go to $1,000 based upon the feeeeeeeelings inside your testicles is more than hilarious. People of that ilk should be executed, post haste — heads cleaved clean of their bodies.

For the session, I am +20bps — because I had big shorts in the morning and I courrected the errors of my ways and got very long and here I am now telling you about it.

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  1. teslawasright

    Down with your khakis and your ads on this site Le Fly. What is going on with you dog?

    Watch pocket pants only until 2030 when Agenda 2030 kicks us into meat grinder

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