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Listen to me —

There are two types of people in this world — those who can do things and those who talk about doing things. You are now encountering a person who is able to do things, all sorts of things. For example, today I traded very well without risk — closing up 43bps for the session — extending the length of my cock to +7.1% for November.

For those of you who did not follow me into a bullish position for the month of November, you have only yourselves to blame. Warnings were sent out liberally about betting against the fat man heading into National Feast Day. The instructions were as plain as they were explicit, yet you and your ego were unable to deal with this and now you are RACKED heavily with losses and your families fortunes have been ruined. Once the money goes, both the wife and kids will leave you. After all, there is a not so secret dynamic to a happy marriage and it goes as follows.

Men must maintain their income to afford a certain level of quality for his wife and children.

Women must remain thin and attractive.

Should anything get in the way of this dynamic, the kids and the wife leave to find some other man with means.

Do not shoot the messenger. Stop being poor.

Over the weekend, House Fly will partake in fine dining and some fall landscaping. Things are good and they will continue to stay that way, as I am the principle bread winner of my domain and my achievements are at recourd highs amidst the brilliance of both my timing and my position. Amidst the pomp and circumstance and the veneer of success of The Fly, which at times ebbs into cartoonist qualities, lies a very serious man who is about serious business who is solely fixed and focused on the legacy of greatness.

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