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Notch Another W for House Fly

I wasn’t going to blog after the close today as I felt it was beneath a person in my station to do so. I ended the session +48bps in flawless trading, increasing my returns for November to +6.7%. Juxtaposed against the harrowing experience bulls faced today, with the small caps knifing lower to the tune of 1.75%, I’d be remiss if I didn’t inform you, rather emphatically, how fortunate you are to have me here telling you what’s going to happen next.

Most people are expecting some spectacular event to harangue us, arresting markets in zero bid pin action. But the most likely outcome is the one we’re on — slow and methodical moves lower betwixt by massive ramps — frustrating the amateur trader into retirement.

My overall philosophy is as follows:

Allocate primarily into large capped stocks, in excess of $10 billion. Do not believe in the runaway bull no matter how alluring the idea might be. As a risk off hedge, both gold and Bitcoin offer unique price action that can perform in both up or down tapes. I am largely bullish on both assets.

When in doubt, hedge your portfolios with very large inverse ETFs positions, but close them out every morning.

After 8 consecutive days up, we finally traded lower. I hope the bears do not become overzealous by just 1 small victory after two weeks of non-stop losses.

A good trader is neither hot or cold and weathers all storms in a most resolute and professional manner. Look at me — stoic and collected in the face of irrational investor behavior, the result of decades of experience and natural talents bestowed by the Gods for the benefit of, but not limited to, the garrulous third estate canaille, nouveau riche, monkey brained class-less parvenus grifters.

Good day.

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