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Tricks Will be Dispatched Liberally

Today was a day born in hell for the amateur trade, the young punks filled with hubris falling headlong into large vats of concrete.

Oil was 0.4%, but natural gas knifed lower by 7%.

The NASDAQ was higher by 0.3%, but the Russell 2000 was lower by 1.3%.

The VIX was slightly higher, yet the retarded UVIX instrument they give us was lower by 7%.

You must understand there are tricks being disseminated liberally and their target is you, the unwashed son of a bitch fool — who thinks he’s knows it all because he once traded his account from 10 grand to $100,000.

Well we’ve all done that old sport and there isn’t anything unique about river boat gambling and getting lucky. You can thrive when the sun is shining and the sea lanes are clear — but can you do it when storms of fire rain misery onto markets and nothing is what it seems? Can you do that son?

I have confidence some of you can and you’ll grow up to be great traders one day. But until I am past my prime and you’re still in diapers at the trading desk, “The Fly” presides supreme.

I closed the session higher again by 33bps, not tricked or fooled by the mixture of currents. I was neither angered or delighted by any of the news — just internalized it all and pushed it down deep into the bottom of my gut and used my eyes to see the market. Some of you think you see the tape — but you really don’t and the proof is my returns against yours.

The NASDAQ higher today extends the winning streak for the index to 22 of the past 24 weeks.

Into tomorrow, I have hand crafted longs hedged with short the NASDAQ, short the Russell, and short the fucking scientists in the biotech sector to satiate my desire to maintain control and to slow down the violent moves that rack the plebeian class of investor with outsized losses. I, Sir, do not partake in such frivolities.

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