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Summer of SAAS?

We all want to know why tech is leading on the way higher, and not the beloved oils and copper. Maybe because inflation is dead and the nerds are firmly back in control, in spite of what you believe. As crazy as it seems, the tech rally has even made a believer out of me — adding to ENPH in my kids’ trust accounts with AMZN on deck.

The past month has resulted in only tech outperforming led by NVDA — thanks to AI.

It’s the next big thing, after all. AI is gonna make the world a better place!

I am often tricked into very bullish tapes near the top and that’s because I am Mr. Momentum. But do not worry, for my overall miserable demeanor protects me from falling too far in love with trends and quickly helps me hate stronger and with greater fury than the previous times — helping me to sell short and save the day.

BUT, for now — I am warming to this whole rally thing and want to believe. I am pretty sure I like the lies and fantasy world we all live in and hope to die before the fantasy is ended.

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