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A General Update on House Fly

One of my two dogs had me up all night, vomiting and needing to liquid shit all over the neighborhood park. It was fun raising my kids from the tender age of 21, forgoing a life, then to become a parent to two dogs that prefer to lick their butts all day — rather than read a good novel. Incidentally, none of my children like to read either. In addition, since we returned from our grande trip to the olde continent, two out of 3 of my children have been plagued with a stomach virus. I think one got it from airline fare and the other perhaps the country club hamburger special.

It’s all very enjoyable.

My Mother in law, all of a sudden, after knowing her for 28 years can’t stand me. My wife says it isn’t true — but it seems the idea of sitting next to me or me helping her with anything is blasphemous. These things happen and I suppose I have this effect on people.

On brighter news, I have finally solved the dirty grout in the kitchen issue. If you didn’t know, I am somewhat of a fanatic when it comes to cleaning the kitchen tiles and have gone through innumerable remedies to get the fucking grout clean. My previous fix was bleach oxygen. However, after using it I sometimes felt a little ill. LO AND BEHOLD, all I had to do was have it steam cleaned and doubled sealed. Maintenance should include only light soap water and wipe. Now some of you reading this must either be thinking “what a moron” or “cool trick.” But you have to accept this when I tell you, I didn’t know.

The Russian war is apparently heating up with slews of Ukrainian men being tossed into enemy fortifications without air support. Any idea how fucked up this is? I often wonder about the war and if the average Ukrainian knows what awaits them once the GLOBOHOMO officially occupies their nation after a potential Russian defeat? Since I do not believe nukes actually exist, I am not in the camp that the end of times will come should Russia lose. Armies get routed all the time and it all depends on how anxious a general is to spend his soldiers to determine the outcome of a conflict. Neither side seems capable of winning, so we are stuck in a quagmire with Ukraine wholly dependent on the US to supply it with enough weapons to maintain a stalemate. At some point, however, the Ukrainians will run out of troops — just like the south did in the Civil War.

As for stocks: still bullish.

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  1. metalleg

    Other than a back splash, where do you have tiles in your kitchen? I’m trying to understand your plight but need more info.

    “Enquiring” minds want to know!

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  2. Dr. Fly

    Floor tiles

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  3. metalleg

    Need dark color grout or it’s murder, even with the bleach and double seal.

    I put in wood floors which brings a different set of issues but grout maintenance isn’t one of them.

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