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Do the charts of GOOGL and SBUX look bearish to you?

It pains me to say this — but we’re in a bull market again and the bull have this on auto-pilot. I view the chances of an imminent downside move to be zero. I’ve leveraged up 135% long amongst a pastiche of well to do larger capped stocks ranked highly by the Stocklabs ranking system — attached to an already 100% long book from quantitative picks — many of which are in the oils.

I do not wish a bullish market on my worst enemies. But alas, this is what we’re facing and it would BEHOOVE me to not take free money, when presented in such an easy fashion.

I gained 52bps for the session, in a very easy and delightful afternoon. I am once again feeling excellent and my mood is coming around to being acceptably cheerful.

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  1. it is showtime

    Vix containment programs and index rebound programs are on because

    Biden expected to announce reelection campaign
    CBS News
    6 hours ago

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    • purdy

      Hopefully Zients will script only one …two max …syllable words for the announcement. And for God’s sake, have someone escort him off stage once he’s done.

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