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Perhaps it’s my allergies afflicting me deeply, but today’s tape looks bullish to me. I know — we are BARRELING the fuck down and everyone is so sad natty is finished. But cheap energy is good and besides — who the fuck cares? As long as rates aren’t going up — all is well.

We have a new scheme via arming Ukraine and printing billions in an effort to start World War. After all, world war is bullish. Aside from the deaths, think about the rebuilding efforts. We can and will build NEW CITIES.

What is the quickest way to demolish a city?

World War.

You just need to find a safe spot, maybe in the middle of a forest somewhere, for the next 5 years.

I am 100% long, no hedges — down 55bps and hoping for a little late day rally.

NOTE: I may or may not change my mind dramatically depending on the tape, so you know.

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