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Markets Closed Terribly — Hedged the Close

Even though I am boolish, I closed 30% short. I did this because I cannot trust opens anymore — as many of them debut sharply lower. There is a war coming, after all, and many of you will perish in the fires of retribution. You will be happy to die for it, in order to stop the next Hitler — as we are told. In order to stop a theoretical Hitler, we must become Hitler and impose dominion over ancestral enemies — all for fame and fortune.

The plight of humanity is waged through war and all great evolutions crafted by it. America has been on the winning side for several hundreds years — and so the legacy of the ruling elite forge ahead with your blood and souls in tow to extract from others what they cannot do themselves.

I ended the session -78bps, practically a day off for me as I was afflicted and still am afflicted by god forsaken allergies.

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