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Personal Setbacks Setting Me Up For Another Leg Higher

I gardened this weekend, as the weather in NC was very beautiful and my mood very good. I am now suffering from my outside excursions via allergies, since I’m allergic to the earth. Additionally, my dishwasher broke. While these setbacks might vex-ate others, I realize this is nothing more than a minor sacrifice in order to extract grandiose stock market wins.

Almost always a dishwasher breaking at House Fly, which they do quite often, leads to personal success. Now all I have to do is sit back and make all of the right decisions.

Natty is hammered to death, -12%. And the overall condition of the market looks good. A much warmer than expected winter, coupled with abundant supplies of gas, has led to an absolute rout for gas longs.

Overall the market should go higher, providing rates stay down.

I sold out of most of my stocks due to the weekly reallocation that I conduct. I’ll be back into the market after 12:30pm.

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