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If buy the rumor and sell the news applies still, then those who sold short Ag in anticipation of some sort of agreement in Ukraine to formulate — those people should be covering their shorts now because that news, dare I suggest, is baked into the cake.

We have MOS trading 4x 2023 numbers. Now I know you see me trading fast, but I do operate on certain large macro ideas, one of which is my affinity for growth in commodities.

I like NTR, IPI, MOS, ADM, BG — you name it.

Today we are seeing Amazon bid and commodities through the roof. We should assume the commodity trade is back on and with that assumption we should conclude that inflation might uptick again. If that’s the case, DOWN WE GO by Autumn for the markets. However, we might see some counter-correlating effects in the commodity space, a respite if you will.

Also, I like monkeypox stocks based off the premise the gays can’t help themselves and the bathhouses are to be brimming with activity this weekend. We are looking at pumping those numbers up into the coming weeks. As such, shares of GOVX are bid sharply higher. I am long CMRX, VRAX and INO now, just having sold out from TNXP.

I’m +50bps at the moment and I was fortunate to had been short China via YANG. I am convinced my dry spell is over and I will be heading back towards recourd highs.

I know, there’s a lot of I’s going on here — but it’s my fucking blog and if I don’t praise my achievements — who the hell will?

Certainly not Mrs. Fly.

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  1. metalleg

    “if I don’t praise my achievements — who the hell will?

    Certainly not Mrs. Fly.”

    Spoken like a man who’s been married for more than a minute.

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  2. purdy

    Covid …”Change your behavior! Stay home! Double mask!!

    Packerpox …”Nothing to do with behavior. Have a nice day.”

    Dying empires are funny.

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  3. purdy

    I’d like to change above to monkeypox …I’ve nothing against gay folk.

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