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I have been having fun trading in and out of monkeypox stocks today, all for immense profits. I started the day in the hole for 0.5% and now I’m up 0.8% thanks to reversals in pox stocks.

At the forefront of today’s lift is GOVX, TNXP, AEMD, CODS and formerly VRAX — which was up 20% but now down. These are crazy stocks for our crazy times and I am here for the glory of it all.

Into the final hours, I want heavy commodity exposure, especially ag, and I want to be short China via YANG. I am light on tech, but I do own HUBS. I do not like consumer oriented names. If I am playing reflation, I’d rather own materials.

On the matter of inflation, if these commodity prices keep ramping, expect to see bonds get hit again. A nice pair trade is short bonds via TMV and long commodities.

Eventually, if we are being honest here, stocks are heading back down to the lows — because the Fed is working against us and the war is being lost and we are being led wayward by imbeciles.

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