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So far my previous post is the bottom, frightened man blogging from an anonymous location — afraid to step up with steeled balls and buy the dips. We have gone straight up since then, all the while I remained in the comforts of cash, having traded just once in FNGU for a small 0.6% gain.

The ideas in my head are all bad and why should they be? We have already driven off the cliff and the car is already submerged in the lake with all participants TRAPPED in their seatbelts. Will the authorities comes out to rescue us (The Fed) and if not — why not? The authorities have always responded to market participants driving off a cliff and into a lake with a rescue team, mostly encouraging words from the shore, cajoling us to get the fuck out of the car and swim to safety.

Into the final hour, I fear that my fear will dissipate and I will once again be headlong into the fires.

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  1. Orson

    The Federal Reserve has made quite a mess of things, Saving your fellow investment bankers is paramount over the needs of defenseless citizens.

    Risk needs to be evaluated and managed. If you weren’t prepared for what what’s about to happen, that’s on you and you alone.

    No bail outs of any kind should have ever been granted. Companies and individuals were embroiled in reckless activity with absurd counter party activity. Much too entwined.

    Lesson need to be learned. For well over a decade I’ve heard the moniker “the medicine has to be taken”. We’ve about bankrupted a nation attempting to avoid this.

    How bad could a reset be with accountability, transparency, and trust?

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  2. helen

    The people in the car, were they vaccinated?

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  3. steak

    Stocklabs nailed SPY oversold today. 3, 6 and 12 month. Easy money.

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