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I was hedged a little too perfectly and closed out all positions this morning and am up 9bps for my trouble. The market is finally cascading lower and you’d be brave to buy here, when in fact Sir it’s over.

We are now embarking on technical levels from the 2020 lows in Stocklabs, which means we are, at some point, due for a sharp mean reversion bounce. While true, it never feels right and I must admit feeling a deep sense of dread looking at this tape. Then again, that’s my natural walking around demeanor.

100% cash, not eager to play any Intra day levels.

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  1. Mr. Cain Thaler

    Bond yields up. America down.

    The only way this stops is if collapse causes enough deflation for the Fed to be able to act again. Right now commodities are barely down, panning out are still in up channels, and PPI measures are looking even worse. I’m fully prepared for CPI to crush expectations on Wednesday.

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  2. emersonlakepalmer


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