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Small Caps Catacombed in Hell

Another decent day for large capped stocks and hellish behavior in a sundry of the smalls, little fat fucking turds dumping the fuck out. I closed up 33bps and I hope the Druids reward me for it, with blessings from above.

I ended up fully invested with a rather meaningless double sized TZA hedge. With 90% long, the 10% hedge, even at 3x leverage, won’t do shit if markets dump out tomorrow. I think I hold these hedges as a blanket of safety — makes me feeeeel better, justifies my reckless behavior.

Heathens are crawling at the city gates and they want to see us fail, odious people with a penchant for stock speculation. I do not crave your life Good Sirs, I only endeavor to trade securities and do so successfully. I have no motives other than the specter of greatness, the feeling of achieving something unique. The rotten feeling of failure is something we endeavor to eschew, but we can only do this by trading smart and positioning ourselves in a way that assures moderation. In other words, slimmed down position sizes. Bet on sure things, or close to it. Follow trends best we can and consider counter-trends to be something of an anathema. I have traded in almost every way imaginable and can easily punch out 15% daily gains if concentrated in degenerate stocks. But, at least in my experience, it always evens out and the tortoise rarely loses to the hare. Heed my advice young Fly and don’t think you know more than the all knowing market.

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