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Just As Good a Place to Go All In Than Any Other

I haven’t traded all day, other than pairing down stocks doing poorly. Everything I sold was a mistake, as we melt the fuck higher into National Feast. This is the very worst time of year to sell short. This time will not be different. At times, trades might look sketch and we all have PTSD from the crash and pull of the market, yoyo effect, we’ve been entreated to since 1997. Nonetheless, giant turkeys loom, festooned with cranned fucking berries and bags of stuffing — all splayed out across well adorned tables to be consumed by inebriated, although well bathed and dressed, patrons.

I’ve traded like a pussy for months now — always diving in small, little splashes, afraid to drawdown. I have a thesis surrounded by retail oriented names, which is obvious. I also have a penchant for certain sectors, like SAAS. With gains still hovering at +215% YTD, I think it’s time to bust loose again.

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    “Tucker issues a challenge to major investment house”

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    Helen has diarrhea

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