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Bogged Down by Malevolent Forces

I like to blame celestial circumstances on days when I underperform. I was bogged from the start, adrift at sea in a YALA position gone to trash and a 15% position in CLOV down 5%. These two things set me back by nearly 200bps. I then traded wonderfully and got within 90bps of breakeven — only to once again slide down the bannister like a whore into losses.

I am off by 150bps, which isn’t a catastrophe but it’s the repetitive patterns that are grating at me. In the past I was able to trade out from holes and cleanly command gains without much effort. To do so now seems like a tall task and one that is often begotten by lucky chances and surprise breakouts. I find this market to be difficult and the patterns too chaotic to make coherent sense of it. It is the type of market, plainly, better designed for longer term cap growth. You keep a diversified blend of stocks and eloquently stir Chobani yogurts all day.

I won’t give up; I can never give up. I will keep trying until I am blind.

Into the final hours, I will close out the losers and attempt one more gambit.

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  1. roguewave

    The thing is, crypto is going to happen with or without the US. So the current question is whether the US gets left behind – not whether crypto goes away.

    They’re not crippling crypto.
    They’re crippling the U.S.

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