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Pacing Slowly in a Summer Slumber

Last month I made +1.7%. This month I am +1.3%. Back in June I made 7.6%, but way off the highs of +16% which I achieved mid-month. It seems I am being hard on myself since I am +220% YTD and making money each and every month. But the past 2.5 months have been slow, real slow like hot molasses dripping off a table in the barn.

I am fully equipped to crush the market with the high speed volume tools inside Stocklabs and I shall at some point BUST LOOSE, as I always have and always will possess the ability to assert brilliance upon my trading accounts.

We will trade great again and when we do, there will be outrageous galas and palaces festooned with the guts of our enemies and also money, lots and lots of money.

Until then, we continue the process that has gotten us here, at a point in time, after so many years and so many poor markets, with accounts at record highs.

NOTE: We are doing a live demo on Thursday 7pm to display the Stocklabs Market Intelligence Platform. If interested in seeing what it’s all about and why it’s so much better than our dearly departed Exodus — email me for an invite. We are doing first 100 served.

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