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The Reflation Trade is Back On!

Who knows what the fuck is going on anymore. Just last week bond yields were heading to zero and now they’re STEAMING higher, with the 10yr above 1.3%. It makes no sense to attempt to predict anything, since it seems indelibly clear to me there is no rhyme of reason as to why things happen — they just do.

Today we have infrastructure and reflation trades back on the table. The inflation boogeyman is back and WTI and commodities are running with this theme. Will it last? HOW THE FUCK SHOULD I KNOW?

I can only abide by the currents and adapt and have done so, placing most of my trades in commodity related plays. There isn’t much else to do, other than to play the stocks of the day and try to extract 1-3% every day for as long as we live.

I got corn holed early in YALA -13% and my CLOV position collapsed on me and I watched in horror as a 5% gain turned into a 5% loss. Nevertheless, I jog on, backs against the current — trying ever so desperately to make it all back and more.

Stay tuned.

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