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The Wins Keep Coming In

I made just 76bps today, another genteel return — already adding to a rather genteel 5% monthly return. With just a handful of days left in July, I endeavor to revel in my own glory and press my gains to 10%. It is all but a forgone conclusion at this point — my gains are my own doing — almost at will.

To those who keep selling short, dare I say stop doing that.

After two big up days, following a severe oversold condition, expect normal trading patterns spearheaded by short squeezes. If BTC-ETH can truly recover, all thanks to Lord Elon Musk’s approval, then we might really get some risk taking in the market, especially in names like MSTR — of which I am long.

Heading into the bulk of earnings season, I expect nothing but upside without any pause or need for affirmation. From my vantage point, the sole thing that might dislodge market is of course a pandemic and potential lockdown, which of course is impossible now that most have already received the very effective and safe non approved vaccines.

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  1. it is showtime

    ‘the sole thing that might dislodge’

    Or August election revelation from AZ and GA. Or curated cyberattack. Or city street war from the very very streamlined govt run border illegals pipeline that started by Feb. US doesn’t have a rightful head of state morons?

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