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The Wins Have Stopped

Just when I started to become obnoxious, right at the precipice, I have been placed back into my place — bogged lower by 270bps. I was supposed to liquidate it all at the open, but balked because I saw my +50bps pre market gains turn to breakeven or small loss. I then waited around for “something to happen” and that turned into hope and now here I am getting the business — all because I needed to be right.

I shuffled some things around and took in some larger capped stocks — but that hasn’t worked either. I haven’t been trading, other than getting raped and taking losses. So now I am in a sit and wait mode, like a cuckold, praying to the Gods for respite.

But I know, the Gods never reward meekness and prayers and instead throw spears thru people like that and burn them as sacrifices. What I will end up doing is selling everything, heading to cash, and then trying over tomorrow. If I sell it all today, I will not risk more than 3 positions at a time because my losses are already heinous for the session.

MTD, my gains have been TRIMMED to +2.6%.

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  1. henryfool

    The Fly teaches how to change your own mind. This is the most important of all skills to learn in trading.

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  2. rigged game

    Fly, only the mental retards give a flying fuck about your insta-trading during off hours

    It is of ZERO VALUE to your “followers” in the “Pelican Room” because if they tried to join in your trades, they could never get in or get out at favorable prices – the buying or selling pressure would move prices UNFAVORABLY away from the buy and sell points you get personally trading a few measly shares off-hours.

    If you (a supposedly intelligent man) and your “followers” can’t see this, God help you both, because this whole approach IS USELESS.

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  3. bob smith

    Your wife is likely salivating at your idiocy. All of your wealth minus your ignorant blather. I’ll bet she is already on match.com looking…

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