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Markets Rip Roaring Higher, Best Market Ever

COVID-19 has ended again and people are walking around freely without mask, filled with blood clots. The world as we know it, more or less, is back to normal again — at least for those fully vaccinated. The good news keeps getting better. All major VAXX makers are working on a next dose and also considering MONTHLY boosters, in order to fend off the scourge of flu. According to VAERS, which is usually only 1/100th the true sample size, 10,900 deaths have occurred in the US since the vaccines began, upwards of 1.2m injuries. In short, according to statistics, 100k people have died thanks to the vax, bros.

But don’t worry. I am sure the data is wrong, and filled with liars and right wing white nazis. Plainly, we simply cannot afford not to vax, given all of the horrendous deaths and mayhem.

Stocks are enjoying the warm summer climes today, a beach day if I’ve ever seen one. I am +125bps, trading lightly and without risk.

Into the bell, my YOLO account will go “all in” on one ETF as it does every single day, based on the Stocklabs algorithms and I’ll likely buy a bunch of stuff for the morning pump. I am fond of gold here, crypto derivatives and maybe even oil.

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    Before the shot became available Covid had me eating healthier, losing 20 pounds, climbing mountains, paddling and such. The Pfizer shot has allowed me to resume my beloved wine/aged cheddar/blue cheese habit. Thank Dr Fauci!

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