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Traded Stupid — Won Stupid Prize

The day started off very calm, TUTTO BENE. I was up between 20-50bps, enjoying life — chatting, eating, drinking. I was mostly cash and doing small things — but soon got lured back into stocks because I was jealous of the BIG things that were happening all around me.

What transpired next is classic chicanery. Overall, the market kept going up but the sewers where I was playing got BOMBED the fuck out — skeletons everywhere. I lost my gains and more and soon found myself down 100bps due to a doubled sized GRNQ position gone awry.

In an attempt to offset this, I dove back into the fucking market with everything and more — leveraging up 140% in high graded bigger cap stocks. I ended down 65bps and find myself in a trench coat naked underneath, ready to flash the market come Monday.

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  1. The_Swede

    What is GRNQ ?

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  2. emersonlakepalmer

    Like the band NRBQ, only different

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