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Big Caps Crush; Small Cappers Delivered Back to Hell

Full rout is underway for small cap IWM lovers, while the whole FANG concept flourishes. This is of course an odd divergence and the market on the whole looks damn healthy. But underneath the shiny veneer is a monster and the small plebs in the small pleb stock, aside from their RETARDED AMC-GME gambits, are getting flummoxed and destroyed. It should be known that I took the morning off in order to better situate myself, start anew, clear my head. None of that shit worked so far, as I am down another 60bps, eagerly awaiting “harvest” at 12pm to save me from my own stupidity.

While it’s true, 60bps is nothing and I piss on it — the fact I am unable to gain any semblance of momentum speaks to the type of tape we’re in — one of sheer malevolence and trickery.

Alt energy and solar stocks look good for now, while oils and commodity related stocks into the trash.

At 45% cash, I can either play it small or play it big by re-entering some names here ahead of the harvest. Perhaps I shall re-enter, in order re-ignite a little excitement into my otherwise moribund time spent here. Or, perhaps moribund is preferable to heart pounding shower shitting, should the market reverse and pound lower.

I can tell you one thing — Stocklabs hasn’t been this oversold on its algos since 5/12. We are for sure overdue a nice sizable bounce in the IWM.


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