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I hate myself for the type of person I have become the past two days, HALVING my gains for the month to +8% and booking another 2% loss. I can offer you a long list of excuses. My mother is visiting and I am not using my office and all of my monitors. She is also HARANGUING me with non stop commentary and I am forced to run chores all day long. HOWEVER, I did not trade poorly because of that. Back in the 90s I used to write my fucking trades on pink tickets and my monitor didn’t have dynamic quotes and yet I still managed to crush. Nothing can stop a good trader from trading well and nothing can stop a bad trader from trading to zero.

I closed with more than 50% cash and a disposition racked in misery. I will attempt to start anew tomorrow and take a different approach. The fades have been persistent and the pops out of nowhere. The way I was trading isn’t working now so I’ll need to trade carefully otherwise I risk squandering what was an excellent month.


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  1. irma vep

    You’re beautiful!

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  2. tradercaddy

    I see your mistake.
    You should not have had your Mother In Law visit several months ago.
    She should be visiting at the same time as your Mother.
    In tthat way they would be busy annoying each other instesd of harassing you.
    Or, send your Mother out to visit Fly, Jr. in Raleigh.
    I am sure he would like that.

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  3. awanka

    Any short-term losses are just stepping stones towards massive unprecedented wins, Mr. Fly.

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