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Markets are milquetoast today and I am exactly flat, sort of stupid and a grandiose waste of time. I will now shovel words onto this blog in an effort to formulate a coherent narrative, perhaps discuss oil and its virtues as it barrels towards $75. Or, perhaps I will pivot back to tech and discuss the many nice charts in SAAS and how it portends to a rally in tech.

Do not forget we have the Fed to discuss today and how it might bode well for gold. So many narratives, so little time.

Cryptos have fallen again and the bears are shitting into the dinner plates of crypto maxis. Perhaps a good buy? Perhaps.

It’s all shit until something happens. Opinions and narratives are in fact worthless, unless of course you stick to them. I know myself and I am bullish on a thing one minute, bearish the next. So why pretend? I like oil today and I like the idea of frackers going up mainly because I am sentimental and recall the halcyon days of when oil was so high it crippled the poor — relegated them to public transport. All glibness aside, I empathize for the poor and do not like to see people suffer. But on the whole, they’re dirty scoundrelous people without decorum and a basic sense of dignity. Naturally this doesn’t apply to all — but it does to most. Ergo, and this goes without saying, people get what they deserve.

REMINDER: 12pm looms and we shall in fact enjoy a bountiful harvest soon. We sprang higher by 0.45% yesterday from 12pm to 1pm and have gone up 10 days and down 1 for the month of June during this all of a sudden magical lunch hour for stocks.

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