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I barely worked today, opting to take it easy — drive out into the confederate parts of NC to eat lunch and make fun of the locals. My wife is incapable of making fun of anyone, so I basically spoke to myself. ┬áIn my YOLO account I went ALL IN on SLCA — because of WTI moving closer to $75. Mark my fucking words son, once WTI busts thru $75 — PANDEMONIUM WILL BREAK LOOSE IN FRACKERS.

I made coin in the YOLO and my Quant but shed horribly in my trading by 222bps. I did, however, sow the fields in preparation for tomorrow’s harvest and look forward to reversing my recent misfortunes and pressing higher with a gentle ease and low carbon footprint, as is customary with men of my stature.

It’s easy to get demoralized when trading. Sometimes it seems like things will never get better. But since I have decades of experience and a long and rich track record of unbridled success, I find comfort in the fact that I will, without question, trade greatly once again.


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  1. metalleg

    “My wife is incapable of making fun of anyone, so I basically spoke to myself.”

    God this sounds so familiar.

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