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China has already won — you just haven’t accepted it yet. Their form of government, immigration policy, and intelligence has all but guaranteed they will, at some point, occupy California and subjugate those people to very hash living conditions.

Five hundred years hence, people will say “there used to be Europeans who lived in North America” and rumors of a primitive native type who ate corn and shot bow and arrows. The next century will be marked by the ascendancy of China. You’d have to be a complete moron not to see it and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

Having said that, I’m just looking for a morsel of a move higher in Chinese burrito stocks, with rapid acceleration at 3pm.

Fun fact: hourly seasonality for IWM during June favors 12pm-1pm, with a 90% win rate.

I am presently down 75bps, thank to holding RIDE over the weekend, entreated with wondrous news this AM of both CEO and CFO chased out of the company.

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  1. emersonlakepalmer

    This board needs a good pecker post from Richard Weiner

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    • the_wolf

      Quote from R. Wiener & Co.
      “Ethnic anatomy indicates the Chinese have the smallest sex organs.”

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