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Over the weekend Elon Musk announced Tesla would once again accept BTC as payment for his ugly cars once there is sufficient evidence that coal isn’t being used to mine. On this news, cryptos have been flying ever since, led by BTC. As a result of cryptos running, equity proxies for cryptos are in play, such as MSTR, MARA, RIOT, EQOS and the rest of the gang.

I could go many different ways from here and talk extreme shit about Elon and even worse the people who are now buying BTC based upon his caprices — but I will not. The fact is, as far as I am concerned, cryptos are a fine buy down here and should be considered attractive for the foreseeable future.

Sure, there are mentally addled people buying CUM ROCKET and we can never truly get rid of those people. Even after they bankrupt themselves — they’ll come back in another form to do injury to themselves once again. In every booming market, there are always clowns to be-clown themselves.

Alas, I feeeeeel ETH is a supreme buy here and at any price under $3k. Also, and this goes without saying, I feeeeel it will double from now until Xmas.

As for markets, oils and crypto proxies look best — although I am hopeful for more follow through in other names aside from AMC — which I sold today for gains.

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  1. roguewave

    Elon is an intelligent horse’s ass / front man / pawn.
    His statements may be genius or fiddley fuckery.
    He does not have your best interests in mind. Follow his advise at your peril.
    Generally best to simply chuckle at and disregard his statements

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  2. purdy

    State media telling us that bad Putin is attacking America in exchange for crypto payoffs. Could be the beginning.

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  3. emersonlakepalmer

    I like Anacott Steel at these levels Gordon

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  4. the_wolf

    Fuck Elon,
    What kind of a name is Elon anyway,…..

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