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Late Date Ramp Could Not Save Me

I ended the day off by 165bps, bogged into hell for various concerns. I mostly harvested small trading losses today and could not for the life of me find a decent winner. I had WOOF but sold too early. It was one of those days where listless trading held me to the fires and roasted my stomach by turning the rotisserie nice and slow.

I got aggressive into the close, allocating everything long and into margin. With +12.5% MTD gains, this is a stupid thing to do. However, if I get lucky tomorrow morning, I will once again consider myself to be a genius of incredible proportions. People will laud and praise me and offer me safe passage into their dinner tables, or even to perform deviant acts with their wives. I of course being a gentleman of the first order will decline, respectfully, and continue my work as trader/slave for the masses.

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  1. duuude

    The Dog Days cometh

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  2. the_wolf

    You have to be a f’n idiot if you’re missing out on this oil move over the past year
    I’m now up over 280%

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