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Markets look dreadful at the open, all but AMC of course which is spring-boarding higher. I had a situation on my hands this morning where I could not stop buying stocks and leveraged up to 138% before the Apple store called me and fucked up my mojo. Markets reversed whilst I was on the phone with that bitch and now I am down 220bps. I would like to panic but I understand things you do not. See 12-1pm has enjoyed FLAWLESS execution from 12pm to 1pm during June for the IWM. “They” don’t want you to know this — but I know it and now you know it. We’re all gonna get rich!

I’ve had a mixed day at the races, booked some gains in AMC, some losses in 100 other stocks. All in all, an unprofitable day. HOWEVER, I am eternally hopeful and plus I removed myself from margin — now 18% cash eagerly and savagely awaiting 12pm to see my crops grow.

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