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Up 125bps now after trading in and out of several hot biotechs. It was a slow start, down 40bps and then flat and now we are cooking with grease. I find, at least in this market, nothing is able to stop me from making money. My methods are repeatable and I rarely deviate.

I take 5% position and usually cut losses at 4%, 10% max. My gains are usually around 3-10% and I depend on the quantity of gains vs the size of them. I never ever trade options and I rarely do anything to risk the franchise. I view my trades like I did girlfiends in high school — expendable. While it’s nice to see TSLA maxis boast of their gains, I am smart enough to understand I do not have patience of buy and hold and I also know finding monster winners like that is rare.

I was up more than 400% last year and +231% as of right now for 2021. I see no reason to change and one thing I’ve learned the past two years is there is far easier and quick money to be made day trading than swing or buy and hold.

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