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So many things popping off I have little specific advice for you other than to pay attention to the stocks trending on Reddit and those with heavily shorted small floats. We have palpable short squeezes taking place now and the momentum is severely against those who think stocks will go lower.

The idea that WEN is now a meme stock is somewhat hilarious, but makes sense.

I can hardly position myself with utmost confidence now since of course all that you see before you is shit. The crypto market has been up-ended and I need to point out cryptos are in crisis mode, as the Gods punish the likes of Max Fucking Keiser severely for being cringe. I hate everything about the people who shill for BTC — but of course like the concept of ETH and the COCKCHAIN.

Into the closing hours, expect more squeezes. I am keeping cash upwards of 70% as I meander in and out of short squeezes for short term gains — which stand at +400bps now.

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