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It’s happening. Shares of WEN have finally joined the meme stock parade of extremest winners +12% on a fever that is infecting just about all stocks heavily shorted. GME is touching down on $330 again — $AMC $60 and today’s big winner is CLOV — +65%. The common thread in all these is % of shares sold short in excess of 15%.

You can do some scans on your own but I will tell you your screens will not be as good as Stocklabs. Presently, I am up nearly 300bps, playing stocks like VLDR, RMO, WKHS and KODK — just to name a few. I don’t know when this ends — but I know it’s stupid. Deep down, you’re all just really dumb and stupid, vapid boozehounds in search of a glimmer of hope. Why not partake in wanton degeneracy? Take 5% of your assets and buy a stock with it. Play the game until you stop winning.

I can tell you without pause that trading is as important to me as anything in my life, save my family. It offers me a puzzle each and every day to attempt to solve and I am blessed with a great community of traders who have the same goals. If you’re doing it on your own — you’re doing it wrong.

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