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In the Process of Breaking

Short squeeze stocks have stolen the show again, let by the pavement apes buying AMC. This moronic display of verve has spread into other names and I of course am playing them. Stocks like WKHS and CLOV have lifted the fuck off, in addition to traditional moron plays like BBBY. I am anticipating runs in other “meme stocks” and have purchased a handful just in case. I realize that what I am doing is on par with burning cash in a flaming barrel of garbage — but I just don’t care.

If perhaps I was a younger man again, filled with perverted thoughts and thought about life and went about it stupidly, I too would own AMC. But for now, I cannot get myself to do it, not even for a trade. That being said, it’s easy to make fun of the meme stock warriors — but look at AAPL: an absolute fat and disgusting display of a ticker symbol who once wore former glory. It’s all over now for traditional tech. You might as well get used to see PETS trade higher, all the while your tera-cap stocks pang lower.

I opened down 70bps but have since traded back to green, or slightly red, depending on the moment in time. I am more or less flat with 68% cash.

Yes, Stocklabs has launched. Feeeeeel free to come on in.

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