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Piece of Shit Trader

I knew my weakness was stupidity in the face of uncertainty. I knew that if the market fucked me at the open, which it did, and I continued to trade actively — I would go awry and exacerbate my losses. That’s exactly what I did today, doubling down into the hole on losing piece of shit runners, greedily and slovenly hoping for some seam to extricate myself from the amber of my own ineptitude.

I trade this and that, in and out actively seeking vengeance, and all of nothing. I shed over 400bps in both trading and YOLO. My quant lost less than 100bps — because market balanced and without my biased hand of moron.

After the bell, I sold a runner I had in MOSY for +14% and leave you in a state of shambles, 65% cash, betting for a bounce tomrorow.

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  1. it is showtime
    it is showtime

    Where’s that trip back to 4210s. fedmUthers.

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  2. ezthere

    Great tune!

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