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REMINDER: We Will Trade Great Again

Yesterday was a one off event that happens about 10 times per annum. I am accustomed to loss and the feeling of helplessness — subjugated by the markets and everything it does to anger me. Have faith in the fact that — we will trade great again, even when it appears we have nothing going on but the wind.

I am up 55bps today, and markets aren’t looking too hot. I have taken numerous positions and none have done well for me, more listless trading into the ALL IMPORTANT Elon Musk to host SNL event this Saturday. I have concluded, now that I have thought about it, the risk to my personal well being is the feeeeeeeling of anxiety. Ergo, and this goes without saying, maintaining a sense of equanimity is most important to me now, in addition to improving upon my tennis game. I have found pleasure in trading SHIT COINS, which are nothing more than pure Ponzi schemes, one dodo bird after the next racing for a cliff-side view. I have positioned smartly into ETC for the $100 roll and also ADA — because the shadows inside of my bathroom told me to go long. It really doesn’t matter what you buy — since all cryptos go higher, eventually.

Over in stock-land, oils and uranium are working well and I have a mind to believe we will bounce soon. It never feeeeels good during these squalls and I’d like to remind you that the market doesn’t give a shit about your financial needs or goals, so make sure you protect the money well enough to stay in the game.

I talk shit and come across as callous, but deep down — I really don’t give a fuck.

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  1. ezthere

    I needed that. My kid buys doge coin @ .003. 65,000 shares… my real company stocks like ROKU getting thumped.. kid is dancing in the street. I just don’t get it.

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