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Obligated to Be Long by EOD

The Nasdaq is off by 350 and it’s a grim tale out there today, which is why I am obligated to be long into the chainsaw of this close. As the crypto world fastens itself for $1.00 DOGE because Elon Musk is scheduled to appear on SNL this weekend, stock holders continue to be beaten without mercy. My Bubble Index is down a staggering 5% and losses are being distributed liberally across all facets of the market, with exception to steel.

I’ve been trading throughout the day and got my losses down to 160bps, before another dive lower. I am right back to where I started the session, off by 240bps without any hope and chances of resolution. The fiction of always a bull market and BRRRRRR has quickly and fastidiously been subjugated by Jim Biden’s version of capitalism — meaning none at all. Brace yourselves for another 4 years of doom, as we cascade in and out of socialized segments of the economy — hampered by stagnation.

Nonetheless, we have ephemeral dreams of big time gains — spearheaded by momentary acts of brilliance. Ergo, it is out duty, or at least mines, to dive into the market into the close, even if it feeeeeeels really bad.

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