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Strong Amidst the Weak

My day was saved due to my habit of liquidating everything at the open. The difference, I didn’t ebb back into the market until later on. And when I did I expanded my gains to 305bps from 230bps, thanks to some quick 5-10% gains. I closed the session at 55% cash, +174% for the year.

Now, we are heading into the teeth of earnings season, at a time when the semiconductor shortage is at the peak. I wonder if the might hurt results? Be mindful that earnings season is gambling, unlike ordinary day trading which is all about getting lucky.

I am still bullish, but scarred from countless memories of markets CLAMORING to retest the lows. As we improve upon recent gains, please remember how you felt last week and protect your capital.

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  1. trumpmeister

    Weak stuff. 120-140% off Matic/Polygon past 48h. You’re welcome when I come on here and give you a freebie here and there

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