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“But the Money is Real”

Countless retards have made small plebeian fortunes long DOGECOIN, following Elon Musk since the Super Bowl, enamored, elated even, with themselves for being so clever. I am not one to scoff at the idea of making coin off dumb things — I do so every single day. But this is a new form of dumb, buttressed by the idea of “never selling”. To have “paper hands” is to be weak and also gay. Well, I must admit, this is a brand new shock to my system — the evergreen on these idiots will survive their fortunes — believe me.

“ONE IN THE HAND IS BETTER THAN TWO IN THE BUSH” was a mantra I grew up on — by people who built wealth the old fashioned way — stock market chicanery. The idea of keeping DOGE because, well just because, is plainly dumb but also it REINFORCES the idea that this party we are in now can last forever.


The SPACs were a great idea. How could you lose? You invested in XYZ because the CEO of XYZ had lots of cash and he was going to buy an EV company or a solar company and you’d all being sucking dicks and drinking champagne for eternity. Until it ended and now you’re just left holding your own dick.

Presently the weakest amongst us are embedded in the crypto space. We are talking about kids who don’t know the difference between BTC and DOGE — just long because it’s fun and because it’s trending and because WOW OMG THE DOG LOGO IS SUPER COOL.

Fuck you and fuck your investments. I will see them down 90% and then chuckle at the tragedy, as you figure out ways to pay down the credit card you borrowed from.

A harsh reckoning is coming for all of you. Brace yourselves, as your stupidity is about to get checked.

In other news, BTC will still touch $100k in 2021.

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  1. acehood

    If btc hits 100k that puts doge over a buck.

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  2. Raul3

    I have over 200k doge. Most since sub penny. My hands are strong from working too hardt and only intend to accumulate MOAR doggo. Winter is coming.

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