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Market Move Higher; I Work With Retards

We’re going up, but I was ENTREATED to not one but TWO highly dilutive WAY BELOW the fucking market secondaries and find myself on this last day of March, inexorably fucked — off by 140bps. I would attempt to trade back to green, but I am also dealing with our soft SL launch. It is not open to the public yet and I am merely moving over our current subscribers to the platform, which is under beta.

Naturally some look past the Rolls fucking Royce in their face to tell me there is a smudge on the tires. I am working through all of that and I won’t be done working through all of the bugs and small items for at least 2 months.

For now, sit back and enjoy the comforts you are afforded and be grateful, you piece of shits, that I have taken great steps and went thru years of painstaking analysis to produce a product that is not only superior to the one you just had — but has exponential scalability in the methods you might explore to make yourselves money — you piece of shits.

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  1. dogears

    Honored to be in the retard crew. I’ll take the bartending job if it is available.

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