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Waiting for My Fair Share in the AHs

A bit of a fucked day for me, first down day in what seems like the past decade. I shed 150bps and 333bps in YOLO — but made money in my longer term and quant accounts. I am most interested in my trading, so my overall net worth can fuck right the hell off.

I lost money because I got caught early and I didn’t micro manage the account. Often I will take 20 trades and rip out 2-5% quick gains to make up lost ground. However, success defeated me today, as I stand before you long robed +118% for the year. I am beyond catching pennies in a fountain. I want the BIG FISH and aim to make BIG DICKED returns, now that I have them. While this might seem like a recipe for assured disaster, it probably is. Then again, ask me if I give a fuck.

Life is varying between degrees of boredom and normalcy and the money I make does nothing but sit there and digitize and taunt me with its grandeur. I sit and I wait and then I wait some more.


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  1. one-eighty

    Any free tips in the construction area? Wood products have done great so far.

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  2. emersonlakepalmer

    ACM is good play in the sector. Starboard Value owns over 5% and will push for a sale. Little expensive based on traditional metrics but if sold their should be a premium.

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