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It’s a proven fact the more information one has the greater the chance at making a better decision. Having said that, I now have over 400 monitors in my home office and continue to buy more each and every day. I’m like the architect up in this bitch, seeing all and knowing all probable outcomes.

We’re suddenly in the midst of a major semiconductor shortage, something that appears to have come out from nowhere. The Chinese trade war to blame or the fucking BOOMING economy? No one knows — other than the fact that it looms and stands to break in half the already beguiled auto industry.

Also, alpha is being fucked today, as the gamma squeeze retards face a horrible death. As a point of fact, big cap is up while the pennies, all of the hot stocks, are mostly lower en masse. It truly is a massacre out there for cannabis retards and let me remind you to avoid catching fast moving knives to the downside.

I have remained flexible and have minimal losses of less than 1% in my trading, and I am up in both my quant and long term dollar cost accounts. My YOLO overnight account, however, thrashed lower by 3.5%, as I endure the pangs of the great unwind.

For some of you new traders out there, never hold onto your down stocks, for they do not love you and never will and will take all of you money without ever even granting you children. Take your hits and move on.

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  1. purdy

    While I day traded long all day …I’m short biotech and Russell from yesterday and added to those shorts today. I am prepared to take my punishment for my lack of faith in Kool-aid economics.

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