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Clown Raped by a Chinese Burrito

I was having a fine day trading stocks, up until the moment I chanced upon a ticker symbol DOGZ. I laughed and joked about the company eating dogs and having a chain of restaurants serving dog chops exclusively. Then it ate me up for 22%. Normally I never let a stocks dive lower than -10% on me; but I made an exception due to the veracity and violence of the move. Ultimately, I got take for 100bps on the stocks — placing me DOWN for the session by 0.75%.

I had been a winner. Now I’m not doing so well.

The Dow is down 220 and I covered my TZA hedge earlier, leaving me a forked radish, fucked.

Cash is at 50%.

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  1. rigged game

    You were doing just fine with readership this spring,
    often having over 100 cogent comments from readers.

    Then you started fucking around with this nonsense
    of day trading and bragging about it.

    That shit is OF NO VALUE to readers, so get back on
    the ball and resume giving us insights into the market.

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