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A Fine Trading Day is Ahead

I can tell this is going to be a fine trading day — having already BANGED OUT an 8% 30 second trade in AIHS. I’ve got several new irons in the fire now, hedged with TZA, and have been stalking my screens for new ideas. I do like lithium related plays now — but that is subject to recency bias and by the time I am finished writing this blog — I might hate them.

The only notable thing occurring today are rates edging higher. The 10yr is + nearly 3bps to 0.77%. Presently, not a big deal. However, should this trend continue — a very big deal, so keep an eye on it. It is worth nothing, however, higher rates usually means higher spreads — and that’s very bullish for banks.

It’s a slow as fuck day. It looked like it was going to be gangbusters last night — but, thus far, milquetoast. Perhaps we might get some excitement before the day is complete.


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    • purdy

      Rooski propagana!

      He lifted himself out of the coal mines ..got himself to college …earned three simultaneous degrees with high honors …and eventually got elected to the US senate where he toiled for us at government wages – taking public transportation to get to work at the capital from his modest Delaware bungalow.

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  1. purdy

    I wonder what they have planned:

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  2. purdy

    Scaramucci, the anti-Trump commentator advised he ignore the president’s criticisms.

    “Ignore,” he wrote. “He is having a hard enough time. Some more bad stuff about to go down.”

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