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Imagine a life where you can sashay into the office, apply money to a set of letters and numbers and then see your fortunes increase, at will. The more money I apply to these letters and numbers — the more money I make. Today, I felt like making 1-2% on my money. Having a small portion of my liquid net worth invested, I merely traded to increase my brokerage accounts, on demand.

I just closed out WIMI for a +9% trade. Before that,  I did IH for +4%, then APHA for +4.4%, then SOLO +4%, then JMIA +5%, then RIOT +7%.

Listen to me.

I make money at will. If you choose to place bets against me, you will end up on the ass-end of foreclosure proceedings — wife, kids, everyone leaving you.

The plan for the balance of the day is to head back into the markets, with the god given talents I have been bestowed, and make even MOAR money. I do this, not because I need money or even because I like money, but because I can.

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  1. tradercaddy

    Take a break.
    I saw a real nice golf course in Cary on the teevee (rainy yesterday) where there was a senior PGA tournament going on.
    They probably have a bunch of tennis courts for you.

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