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I know Trump is out there shilling for a new stimulus plan. Whatever. This son of a bitch market was going higher with or without a stimulus plan. I do not pretend to know the secrets of market movements now — only that higher prices are all but a foregone conclusion.

I’ve been busy in meetings all morning and missed out on the ramp. I made 1 poor trade, which was stopped out, and booked an 11% overnighter in JMIA. I am up just 0.4% as I write this, following up on a -1.4% showing yesterday. Week to date, however, I am powerfully resplendent +10%.

While some of you might believe to be my equal in the trading room — you are of course wrong. I will smash your head in with a clawhammer until it disappears altogether. My rage is what fuels me and I am happy to oblige anyone out there with FREE DIGITAL beatdowns — as my schedule is presently too crowded to accommodate personal greetings with jaw dislocating beatdowns.

Breadth is reasonably strong, so I will attempt to execute a few trades now to make for a more meaningful Friday.

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