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“The Fly” Undergoes “Consolidation Day” — Looks Forward to Pressing His Rights in the Market Tomorrow

I tried really hard to make it happen. Others inside Exodus, actual bastards, made grandiose gains today — some as high as 1,000bps. These people are to be burned at the stake tonight, during this evenings festivities at the iBC Grande Druid Lodge. Invitations will be sent via encrypted DMs.

I ended the day with 55% cash, an array of cannabis and oil stocks — today’s beneficiaries of hot money. The theme has been Biden — and pot is something that will burn higher (sorry, had to) should he squirrel himself into the Presidency.

Lastly, I am not particularly certain we’ll gap higher tomorrow, so I have a 2x sized SQQQ position in case of eventualities.

I shed 1.38% for the day, still higher by 8.5% for the week.


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