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Rudderless Shit Stock Trader — What Have I Become?

Not too long ago — Le Fly presided over a team of like minded greedy bastards, professionally managing money — taking down $10m positions for sport. Since I decided to leave money management 3 years ago, I have become a FULL TIME blogger — newswire fuckhead on Twitter, and SHIT STOCK TRADER inside of the godly confines of Exodus — where all fine men with top hats and monocles cavort to discuss life and equities.

I don’t know how exactly I’ve come to this place — day trader extraordinaire. I sometimes find myself fighting with people on Twitter, when in reality I’d spare my spit from their face for fear of dehydration. Such are the pangs and gyrations of life — moving fast throughout the time-space continuum — cascading in a never ending spiral towards death.

As you could deduce, I have yet to extricate myself from the morning grave. Things are, more or less, the same — a morose circumstance only buttressed by the idea of hope. This hope is seeded in a long and RICH history of wanton success — bravery under fire — the innate and very natural ability to win.

I am a man, such as this.

As we draw slowly towards the close and the markets do what markets do, find solace in knowing there are men out there — the best amongst us — like Le Fly attempting to do something great — such as trade SHIT STOCKS with like minded aristocrats in a trading room, not because they need money or even like it, but because they can.

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    Regardless of your recent trading travails, you will never lose the ability to write and excel.

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