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About noon today, October the 7th, 2020, I moved my trading account to 100% cash. My quant is still 100% long and pressing gains of 2.6% for the session. I conducted numerous trading operations today and closed out everything +400bps. I did so, not because I had to or even wanted to, but because I could.

See pal, there are two types of people out there: men who trade out of necessity and those who trade for the sport of the kill.

I have since replenished my body with ample sustenance and beverage, walked the FUCKING DOGS, and will now head out into the wilderness again to fish. I will fish with my harpoon and catch whales — eating them raw, fresh out from the sea with my bare teeth.

Other than that, life is unbelievable. The country is in hell and I am thriving like never before, as I should.

Markets are thru the roof, up 450 Dow points and Le Fly, as he’s popularly known in France, will now double his gains for the day.


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  1. hidden hills

    Agreed If life were any better i don’t think we could stand it. Having our first 3 million dollar day today.

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